Wildflower Mix - Dryland

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The varieties in this mixture have been specially selected to add beauty and color to areas that are dry. The plants in this mixture adapt well to semi-arid conditions. While there are both annual and perennial plants in this mix, many of the plants may reseed themselves. And they require very little care.
Varieties selected to insure that some varieties should survive wherever they are planted. Wildflowers are wonderful to add color and variety to your garden! A wonderful mixture!
Planting: Plant in early spring or fall (in mild climates) in a sunny location in well drained soil. For best results loosen soil with a rake or hoe. Mix seeds with a cup of sand or inert material and broacast over 2-4 square feet (per gram/1000 mg of seed) lightly rake seed into the soil or cover with mulch. Keep soil moist for about 4 to 6
weeks then gradually reduce watering.
Height: to 3 feet/ 91 cm. Spacing: 8-12 in./20-30 cm Blooms: Spring/Summer
Requires little care. Water only as necessary
Spread rate: 1 ounce covers approximately 200 square feet
1 pound covers approximately 3200 square feet

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