Indian Grass

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Sorghastrum nutans
Native to North America.
Beautiful clumping grass is light green to silverish blue in the spring. It then has tall feathery plumes of flowers in the summer that are silky and golden that appear above bronze colored foliage and are such to create a sparkling gold-silver effect. Grass sways gently in the breeze and adds beauty in flower borders, meadows, as accents in butterfly gardens, and more. Rusty gold color in the fall with brown seed heads. It is attractive to bees and song birds. It is a host plant for the skipper butterfly. A wonderfully drought tolerant plant. Warm season grass
Sowing: Sow indoors 6-10 weeks before the last frost, or outdoors in the early spring or fall, covering the seed about 1/2 of an inch deep in full sun or it will grow in part shade.
Height: 5-7 feet Spacing: 18-24 inches Blooms: Summer Zones: 3-9
Moisture: Drought resistance; does best in moist soil Light: Full sun to part shade
Soil: highly adaptable to a wide variety of soils; does best on rich, fine textured types such as deep silty loams. Does well with fertilizer.

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