Coneflower - Mexican Hats

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Ratibida Columnifera
Native to North America.
Distinctive mahogany red petals with yellow edges droop with a tall brownish cone center It blooms heavily. Excellent cut flower. Native to North America. Drought tolerant plant that is easy to establish. It will be a delight in borders, beds, perennial, and wild flower gardens. It is also excellent for low maintenance and xeriscape gardens. It is attractive to bees and butterflies. It will add beauty to any landscape
Sowing: Direct sow seed 1/16 of an inch deep in full sun to light shade from fall to spring in well drained soil. Water regularly until established. Then water requirements are dry to average
Height: 12-36 inches Spacing: 9-12 inches Spread: 8-18 inches Zones: 3-9
Blooms: Summer Germination: 20-40 days Moisture: Dry to average Light: Full sun to light shade
Soil: Prefers soil rich in limestone, but is adaptable to other soil types
Information: Cut dormant plants to the ground in the winter. Found naturally on dry plains, road sides, and prairies.

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