Columbine - Rocky Mountain Blue

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Native Wildflower
The Colorado state flower, Rocky Mountain Blue Columbine features green foliage and elegant blooms with blue outer petals and white inner petals and a yellow stamen. It's native to the Rocky Mountains growing well at elevations from 5,000-11,000 feet as well as being hardy in other areas. Attractive to hummingbirds. Frost hardy. Naturally in the wild this variety has some color variation. Beautiful plants are an excellent addition to any garden!
Sowing: Press seed into soil, do not cover seed as it needs light to germinate, in sun or shade in the fall or early spring when ground can be worked. Regular watering is important for the first 4 to 6 weeks. Keep soil moist. Germination is enhanced by placing seed in a moist towel and freezing for a day or two.
Germination: 21-28 days Height: 24-36 inches Spacing: 9-12 inches apart
Bloom time: Spring-Summer Soil: Prefers well drained soil with ample organic matter.
Light: Sun or shade Zones: 3-9
Information: Provide filtered shade in sunny hot climates.
Aquilegia caerulea
Native Wildflower

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