China Aster - Cregos Mix

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China Aster Crego Mix is a wonderful heirloom variety that is native to china. Plants produce lovely daisy like fully double flowers in shades of purple, deep rose, pink, and white colors on long stems. China Aster is good in beds, borders, and pots. They are excellent as cut flowers in bouquets. An excellent addition to the garden!
Sowing: Sow indoors 6-8 weeks prior to last frost or direct sow seeds in the spring directly into the garden after danger of frost. Sprinkle seeds over soil and cover to a depth of 1/16". Thoroughly moisten soil and keep moist during germination, but soil should not be soggy. Transplant plants outside when all danger of frost is gone in full sun. Adding root stimulator will encourage quicker rooting and a stronger root system. Use a slow release fertilizer at planting time or begin using water-soluble fertilizer when planting and continue every 3 weeks throughout the growing season.
Height: 18-24 inches tall Spacing: 9-12 inches apart. Blooms: Summer-early fall
Germination: 10 days Moisture: Water regularly. Do not overwater.
Soil: Moderately fertile, well drained with a of Ph of 5.1-7.5. Light: Full Sun
Information: Appling mulch to the plants in summer will help retain soil moisture. Dead heading plants will keep plants pretty and will prevent self seeding. May reseed.
Callistephus chinensis

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