Catnip - Nepatia Cataria

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Heirloom Perennial.
Also known as Catmint.
Hardy heirloom Catnip, is a perennial herb belonging to the mint family. Native to North America, it is a very beautiful plant. It has blue-green leaves with a tinge of silver that are are very aromatic with a mint-like scent. It's fragrant purple flowers grow on spikes up to 5 inches long. Named for the effect it has on cats. Cats will roll in it, nip at the leaves and sometimes nap in it. Cats love it and you will too! It's leaves are also used by some people in tea, and as a meat tenderizer. Some use it as an herbal treatment of fevers, colds, cramps, and migranes. It has also been reported to be very effective at repelling insects. It is attractive to butterflies, bees and birds. It can be grown in indoor gardens. It is also a wonderful flowering perennial for the flower garden.
Sowing: Sow in garden in spring in sun to partial shade. It does well in almost any soil. Prefers average well drained soil. Grows well with little attention. Fertilizer not usually required except in the poorest soils. Can also be grown indoors. It needs average water requirements. After the plants have grown a few inches pinch back the shoots to promote bushy growth. It will first bloom in mid summer.
Germination: 7 days Spacing: 20 inches Height: 36 inches Zones: 3a-9b
Days to Maturity: 75-80 days Moisture: Regular, do not overwater Light: Full sun to partial shade
Care information: It is not toxic to pets. Harvest leaves as the flowers begin to bloom. Use fresh, dried, or frozen. Spread leaves out to dry in a cool ventilated area. After harvest and blooming trim back plants again to get 2-3 harvests a summer.

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