Cabbage - Golden Acre

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Open Pollinated.
Early round head cabbage with firm tightly folded 6-7 inch diameter medium green heads that weigh 3-5 pounds. They are excellent cooked or raw. Good steamed, in stews, and soups. Raw it's sweet green leaves are wonderful in salads. Great space saver can be planted close, compact heads are good for smaller gardens. It is disease resistant. Easy to grow. Very delicious and also rich in vitamins and minerals! Open pollinated.
Sowing: Plant outdoors in the spring after danger of frost has passed. Sow seeds 1/8 of an inch covering with fine soil, in full sun. Keep moderately moist during germination. To start indoors: plant 4-6 weeks prior to last expected frost date. Once plants are established, harden off and transplant outdoors after danger of severe frost has passed.
Germination: 7-14 days Spacing: space plants 18-24 inches apart. Space rows 2-3 feet apart. Height: 1 foot
Days to maturity: 58-65 days Zones: 3-9 Light: Full sun
Moisture: Regular watering Soil: rich soil
Information: For best results plant where no cabbage was planted last year. For best harvest, keep sowing for 3 week intervals until late spring. For fall crops begin in late summer and continue until a month or so before first frost date.
Brassica oleracea var. capitata

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