Butterfly Milkweed - Sunset Flower

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Asclepias curassavica
Beautiful orange and red star flowers in four inch clusters with a yellow hood stand out against dark green foliage. Blooms continuously from late spring through fall. Butterflies love this plant. This species is a favorite of the Monarch butterfly and Monarch and Queen butterflies lay thier eggs on this plant. Good in beds, borders, a cottage garden, butterfly gardens, meadows, large mixed containers, as cut flowers, and the dry seed pods are attractive in arrangements. Wonderful accent plant. It is easy to grow thriving in dry, moist, and even wet soils. Grows quickly from seed. Will catch people's attention all summer!
Sowing: Direct sow seeds in spring after danger of frost, summer or fall 1/8-1/4 of an inch deep in well drained soil in full sun. Keep moist for first three weeks after they sprout.
Height: 2-4 feet Spacing: 12-16 inches Blooms: Summer-fall
Germination: 3 days Moisture: Dry, moist, and even wet soils. Light: Full sun
Soil: Sandy-loamy
Information: Also known as Butterfly Weed, or Blood Flower. In spring cutting off the top of the plant creates more stalks and more leaves.
Caution: Plants can be poisonous to livestock.

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