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Plant produces a very flavorful 4-8 inch green head of broccoli. Delicious when eaten raw, cooked, steamed, and stir fryed. It is easy to grow and productive in the home garden. Compact plants often produce big side shoots of small florets over a long season after main head is harvested. Introduced in 1954, it is an heirloom variety that is high yielding and cold resistant.
Sowing: Plant in full sun outdoors in spring after danger of frost. Cover seeds with 1/8 of an inch fine soil. Keep soil moderately moist during germination. Can grow a spring and fall crop. Can be started indoors in early spring. Provide strong artificial light, then transplant, after hardening off, in the garden after danger of frost.
Germination: 7-10 days Spacing: Space plants 18-24 inches apart. Space rows 2-3 feet apart. Height: 30 inches
Days to maturity: 74 days Light: Full Sun
Information: Broccoli grows best in mostly sun, during cooler times of the growing season. Prefers fairly rich soil and abundant moisture to produce a good crop. To harvest cut main heads when buds are still tight. After main harvest, harvest side shoots before flowers open. Broccoli can be planted 4-6 weeks before first frost for a fall crop.
Brassica oleracea

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