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Plant produces good yields of large golden round sweet beets. Brilliant gold flesh turns deep yellow when cooked and does not bleed.  Delicious roots are tender, mild, and very  sweet flavored. They have a beautiful golden interior and make a colorful display in salads. They retain their sweet flavor during cooking and is also an excellent choice for pickling. The succulent green tops with yellow veined stems are tender and delicious so much so you could grow the plant just for the tops! An excellent choice for the home gardener.

Sowing: Direct sow in spring after danger of frost to early summer, in full to part sun.  Cover seeds with 1/2 inch soil. Keep soil moderately moist during germination. Can grow a spring and fall crop. 
Germination: 5-10 days Spacing: 3-5 inches. Space rows 12 inches.
Height: 12-18 inches                 Days to maturity: 55-60 days  
Information: Can succession sow at 3 week intervals. Harvest by pulling entire plant. Mid-fall harvest remaining tops.  Seperate tops and beets can be stored like you would store potatoes. 
Beta vulgaris
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