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A beautiful gourmet Italian heirloom beet that features round 2-4 inch roots that when cut open have unique rings of white and purple alternating color. They are smooth and mild tasting with a sweet peppery taste. It has excellent color raw and is beautiful in salads. When cooked it turns completely pale pink. It is sweeter and milder tasting of red beets. It also requires less cooking time than most beets. The pink striped stems and solid green tops as well are smooth mild flavored and delicious cooked. Matures very early. A great choice in beets.
Sowing: Direct sow in spring after danger of frost in full sun. Cover seeds with 1/2-1 inch soil. Keep soil moderately moist during germination. Can grow a spring and fall crop.
Germination: 5-10 days Spacing: Space plants 2-4 inches. Space rows 14-21 inches. Height: 13-16 inches Moisture: moderate
Days to maturity: 55-65 days Light: Full Sun
Information: Can succession sow at 3 week intervals. If there has been no rainfall in a week to 10 days, water thoroughly one inch of water. Beets that develop in dry weather may become woody and fibrous. Harvest by pulling entire plant.
Beta vulgaris
Italian Heirloom

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