Bee Balm - Bergamot

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Monarda fistolosa
Herb Native to North America

A garden favorite for many years, Bergamot Bee Balm is a lovely plant with vibrant violet to pink blooms that resemble a firework explosion. This vigorous aromatic herb blooms from summer into the fall. It is used in wild gardens, beds and borders. the blooms are a favorite with hummingbirds,butterflies, and bees. Will bloom even in the first year from an early planting This herb is used medicinally as well as loved for it's culinary uses. Medicinally has been used as a poultice to treat minor wounds and cuts, in a strong and slightly spicy tea to treat mouth and throat infections as the plant contains a high level of a naturally occurring anti septic, Thymol, found in many mouth washes. Also traditionally used to ease bloating and digestion as well as to treat headaches and fevers. For culinary uses with it's unique flavor of spearmint, peppermint, and oregano Bee Balm makes a wonderful addition to breads, salads, pizza, casseroles and more. It can also be used as a substitute for oregano. Flowers, leaves, and stems are all edible. This is an lovely and useful addition to any garden.
Sowing: Can start indoors early or direct sow in early spring after danger of frost. Cover lightly 1/16 inch deep in full sun to part sun. Keep moist but not wet during germination. Light: Full sun to partial sun
Height: 36-48 inches Spacing: 12 inches Zones: 4-10 Germination: 10-40 days Soil: Does well in poor soils, and thrives in good soils Moisture: tolerates wet and dry conditions

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