Bean - Pencil Pod Black Wax Bush

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Phoseolus vulgaris
Clear yellow 6-7 inch long curved round pods with beautiful black seeds. This variety dates back to the 1900's. Pods snap easily. This variety of beans come in early and produces for a long time and is dependable under high heat. Open-pollinated. It has a branching habit. Bares well into warm weather. Widely adapted. Excellent fresh or canned. Stringless and free from fiber, brittle and of the highest quality. Exceedingly strong and vigorous. Very productive.
Sowing: Plant in full sun outdoors in spring when all danger of frost and soil is warm. Sow seeds 1-1 1/2 inch deep in moist well drained soil, placing seed on it's side. Keep seed bed moderately moist during germination.If started indoors first, transplant when 2-3 inches in height. Soaking 1-2 hours before planting speeds germination.
Germination: 7-14 days Spacing: 3-6 inches apart. Space rows 18 inches apart
Height: 15 inches Days to maturity: 52-58 days Light: Full Sun
Information: For best harvest, keep sowing for 3 week intervals until late spring. For fall crops begin in late summer and continue until a month or so before first frost date.

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